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At Creative Root, we believe in the power of non-linear and collective growth. Together, we've built responsive spaces that work to empower young people, educators, and intergenerational learners with the tools necessary to believe in the power of their mighty and creative voice!


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We sure are! Creative Root is an auxiliary program of The Theatre School at DePaul specifically designed for the community! All of our classes and camps take place at the state-of-the-art Theatre Building (2350 N Racine Ave).

Yes, if you can’t come to us, we’ll do our best to come to you! We work in schools and with community organizations all year long offering both in-school and after-school programs. For more information, contact [email protected].

Yes, we want as many people to have an opportunity to exercise their imaginations as possible. For camps, we offer an early bird discount and discount for active DePaul staff and students. Discounts cannot be combined. And we do offer a limited amount of partial or full scholarships for our camps and class programs. To inquire, please reach out to Mechelle Moe at [email protected]

DePaul’s Tax ID Number is 36-2167048. You can also find this on your receipt once you’ve registered.

You can email Creative Root directly at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away!

The foundation of all Creative Root programming is based on the principal of ensemble—our practice to be aware, respectful and kind to one another as we collaborate and create theatre together. On our very first day of class or camp, each ensemble will create their own agreement together so that everyone can offer and share what they need in order to be their best, most confident, creative self and collaborator.

Creative Root works towards always holding an inclusive space. Let us know how best to support your child in order to create an environment where they can be their most happy, silliest, imaginative and brilliant selves.

At Creative Root, we want to make sure that every student feels safe emotionally, physically, and creatively while working together. This includes being a respectful artistic collaborator and mindful of how we use our words and physical actions while working together. Creative Root celebrates leading with kindness by actively listening to all ideas, making space for others, taking turns during an exercise, using safety and awareness with our bodies, observing personal boundaries, being a positive, supportive ensemble member and offering feedback that is constructive. We all shine when we take care of each other!

We have a collective goal to explore theater through a variety of lenses (movement, writing, singing, designing) and let that inspire the art we make together—all guided by our experienced instructors. Theater is a team effort, and we invite and encourage everyone to fully participate in the creative process in order to develop a piece of theater that is entirely unique to that ensemble. And while casting and performing is one aspect of the process, at Creative Root, we don’t believe it’s the most important and we don’t want it to define our entire experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new you love that you never knew about before! We hope so!

How lucky we are to get to have classes and camp at the amazing Theatre School building and DePaul campus! We ask that campers always respect the physical spaces that we work —rehearsal rooms, the lobby, The Quad, bathrooms, and the playground. Also, for your students’s safety, we want to make sure we are always using the spaces for what they were designed for and that we leave no trace! (Except for all the positive, creative energy we put into the universe!) Staff and Instructors will always let campers know what are able to, or not able to do, in our work and play spaces. Or if you don’t know, just ask!