Photo of Elizabeth Dowling

"I believe imagination and collaboration function as tools we need to navigate life and as sources of delight that keep us connected to our capacity for joy and connected to each other. I believe telling stories is how we make the world anew and give ourselves the vision and strength to improve our communities for everyone."

ELIZABETH DOWLING is an actor and teaching artist in Chicago. As a teaching artist she has taught classes and residencies with Lifeline Theatre, Adventure Stage Theatre, American Eagle, Dream Big Performing Arts, Writer’s Theatre, Free Street Theatre, Pegasus Players, Lakeside Shakespeare, Gorilla Tango, and LaSalle Language Academy. As an actor she has performed on stage with theatres such as Haven, Chicago Shakespeare, Drury Lane, 16th Street, Paramount, Next, Lakeside Shakespeare, Drury Lane Water Tower, Metropolis, Porchlight, Strawdog and Lifeline, and on tv in Chicago Fire.