Photo of Max Fabian

"How can I help my students realize life through art?. A foundational tool in theater—and life—is the ability to communicate. I believe that we are all inherently storytellers and it is my goal to support and encourage my students to follow their creative impulses in discovering, crafting and telling their own stories. To be truthful on stage means we must be truthful in life, and through theater and art making, I work towards cultivating a creative space for students to be honest with themselves and in their work."

Max Fabian  is an actor (stage, film, voice), fight director, sound designer and teaching artist. Max holds certifications with The Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors of Canada as an Actor Combatant specializing in over 10 weapon forms.  Recent fight credits include Pericles (David H. Bell) at The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and Stick Fly (Chuck Smith) with The Windy City Playhouse.  Max is a resident Teaching Artist with Lookingglass and Raven Theatre and holds a B.F.A. from the Chicago College of Performing Arts and Roosevelt University.